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House Calls – We offer assessment, hands on treatment(massage), therapeutic exercise/movement based treatment, and homecare instructions during house calls. Visit the other pages of the website for more detail on assessment, and different types of treatment. $120+ Hst

Onsite Visits – We can provide all of the above treatment protocols in environments such as gyms, recreation environments or schools. Watching a child/teen in a more natural environment can provide a better idea of how a child/teen is struggling and an opportunity for functional based movement/exercise/stretch based therapy in an environment where they’re already engaged in this type of activity. Another environment we can provide massage therapy, is in a hospital, rehab, or palliative care center where it is allowed by the facility.

Visit the other pages of the website to get a fuller description of assessment, massage, and therapeutic exercise. $120 for a 1 hour visit (minimum duration)

Contact us by email at or call 647-203-4481 to book

Location #2 Woodbridge
Rmt4kids is working out of Alternative Healing on Tuesdays from 9 -4:30
13 – 8611 Weston Rd, Toronto
Initial Assessment up to 75 min $115
Hydrotherapy tub 25 -30 min $60
Massage Therapy 30 min $60
Movement(therapeutic exercise) plus massage up to 60 min $100
Hydro therapy plus massage up to 60 min $120
To book Rmt4kids (Sarah King) at this location call 647-203-4481 or email or to book online visit

Toronto Ontario Canada

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