Therapeutic Exercise for Kids Workshop

Jan 22, 2022 9-5 Online. Option to join my Toronto park class this summer for free. This workshop is for RMTs only. It is created and hosted by Rmt4kids. It is ideal for RMTs that are comfortable with other aspects of treating the paediatric populations but would like more information on creating therapeutic exercise programs and home care programs for children and teens. This workshop looks at how developmental stage, sensory processing, and health contribute to different approaches to creating a client centered, evidence informed therapeutic exercise program for children and teens.


Coming soon: Creating an Autism/Sensory Processing Friendly Clinic Environment
Learn about autism and sensory processing, with a focus on how to make your practice more accessible. We talk about the wide array of presentations, and signs and symptoms with an understanding that they don’t all affect everyone in the same way. We discuss case studies and actively engage in problem solving. Speakers work with kids with autism, have autism or are parent of children with autism.

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Social Determinants of Health

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