Massage Therapy

Massage involves assessment and treatment of the soft tissues of the body. It includes a variety of techniques which can range from a very light gliding techniques, to kneading, to passively moving the limb, to stretching, to techniques that involve both active and passive components.

Children who benefit from massage are children:
  • who enjoy massage
  • who are healthy and athletic
  • with sensory processing and motor planning conditions
  • with neurological conditions
  • with respiratory conditions
  • with palliative conditions
  • with pain conditions
  • with arthritis or other musculoskeletal conditions
  • with other medical conditions that may cause pain or discomfort
  • with stress and anxiety
  • Infants to teens
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Massage Assists by:
  • reducing the symptoms of colic
  • relaxing the nervous system
  • relaxing muscles
  • connecting the brain, body and movement patterns
  • decreasing pain
  • improving movement and range of motion
  • improving strength, flexibility and motor planning through remedial exercise
  • some find it improves sleep and can aid in stress management and anxiety symptoms

How? Where? When?

Consent is when the therapist describes all aspects of the recommended treatment and asks if the client agrees.

The client is given the option to change or refuse all or part of the treatment

Asking and getting consent from children prior to treating is an absolute must.

A therapist who has experience working with children will know how best to communicate with your child and get consent in a way that creates choice and power for the child to say what they are comfortable with

Massage can include on small body part or several body parts depending on the child’s comfort


Therapeutic treatments can take place in:

  • in a quiet dimly lit room or a bright open space
  • a home setting
  • a gym setting
  • in a hospital
  • in a clinic
  • in a sensory room
  • at events
  • on a massage table
  • on the floor mat
  • bedside
  • in a chair
  • really anywhere the child is comfortable


Massage can effectively be performed over the clothes or directly on the skin with an oil or lotion

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