Therapeutic Exercise

Strength and Flexibility

Based on the assessment results, your therapist may work through or give specific strengthening or stretching exercises to accomplish specific therapeutic goals.

Improving strength and flexibility improves range of motion and function and by extension activities of daily living

Ideally when working with children we try to find fun play based methods to accomplish these goals.

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Motor Planning

Motor Planning is the process by which we prepare and complete a non-habitual movement from beginning to end.

The act of brushing teeth, walking, crawling or even dressing all require motor planning. For most these activities will seem like second nature but actually requires a very complex series of interactions between our sensory input, our decision making center, our body parts and the environment.

Motor planning is needed for both gross and fine motor skills Some techniques used by massage therapists and taught to families may assist this process

Sensory processing

Sensory processing refers to the way the brain takes in information from our senses and and responds. Sensory processing disorder is when information coming in to the nervous system through the senses is received and managed differently. Sometimes things that seem every day to others may be extremely overwhelming to kids and teens with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Some massage therapy and therapeutic exercise interventions may help ease the effects of sensory processing issues however it is important to be educated around this issue, to understand this is experienced differently for many and for us to adapt our massage or therapeutic exercise program according to the individual.

When dealing with sensory processing time and environment are key. What helps one kid/teen may worsen symptoms for another.

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